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Surviving Bad Episodes from 2017


Children at Risk – Human Trafficking in Iowa: You do not want to watch this. You do not want to hear the story. You don’t want to know how close the problem is to your home. Young girls are disappearing at an alarming rate, and almost nobody knows.



A Family Torn Apart by Drugs and Suicide: An Iowa girl moves to Nebraska, falls in love, and has a child with the man she didn’t think she could live without. As hard as he tried to beat addiction the only solution he could think of was to end his life.



Drug addiction, prison, the lost years of darkness and emptiness. Experience one person’s encounter with bad times and eventually the rebirth of hope and inspiration to live clean, be happy and reconnect with family and friends.



When something seems wrong. You’re a parent and things are not quite right – grades, behavior, attitude – little things can have a big influence on a child or teenager. Whatever it is a little help now may help keep your child off drugs.



Addiction out of control. When an adult child dies of an overdose, and you did everything you could, how do you restore normal in your family? Watch one father turn tragedy into a powerful message of hope and redemption.



Addiction and Invisible People. Our guest shares his life changing experience after meeting an addict that was happy, educated, and successful. There was only one problem, addiction, and that was a game changer.



Drug Laws and Addiction. Legislators and policy makers would like to make everyone happy, but when it comes to drugs and substance abuse it’s all about unintended consequences. Our guest talks about the real reasons for drug laws.



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