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Surviving Bad Episodes from 2016


Legal or illegal, drugs are the worst man-made epidemic in history. Get behind the scenes of substance abuse prevention when we connect the dots between alcohol, marijuana, pain medications and heroin.



Iowa lawmakers are often hard to understand for victims of substance abuse. The issues seem to get lost in politics. One of Iowa’s top lawmakers talks about getting your voice heard to keep our communities safe, healthy and drug free.



The danger of Iowa’s silenced majority. Mental health professionals say marijuana is Public Enemy #1 for youth substance abuse. Hear what the Iowa Behavioral Health Association says you need to know.



Sometimes love is not enough. Join us to hear a story about love, tough love, and the loss of a loved one. Sometimes the only lesson in life is survival. As much as you love someone and care for them you can’t always save them.



Iowa’s Heroin Epidemic. A record number of Iowans have died as a result of heroin and the end is not yet in sight. Special guests: Assistant United States Attorney Dan Chatham and Registered Nurse Kim Brown.



Pills, Pain and Addiction. Iowans consumed over 300 million pain pills in 2015. How much of this is for pain and how much is from addiction? With special guests Dr. Tom Benzoni and Maddison Lange.



It’s not just cops and robbers anymore. Police Officers are being trained to listen, care, and understand your needs. In a job where you can be shot at it takes a special person and special training to be an Iowa police officer.



The telltale signs of someone under the influence. It’s good to know what to look for before the police step in. Drug Recognition Experts share the signs of trouble. Whether you help or steer clear of danger is up to you.



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