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Surviving Bad Episodes from 2015


Loneliness, depression and dysfunction have special meanings over the holidays. The pressures of the holidays can be hard to handle. A little care, understanding, and love can be the best present – you ever give yourself.



Facing Tough and Finding Good. Alcohol & marijuana are life changers. A family doing the wrong things impacts a 5th grader, and friends are not what they appear to be to a high school student – they make changes and the results may surprise you.



Synthetic Drugs and Consumer Fraud. The resurgence of Synthetic Drugs and the Iowa AGS office’s response. Guests, Bill Brauch and Benjamin Bellus from the Iowa Attorney’s Office and Martin Dwyer from Mission of Hope.



Marijuana as Medicine? Dr. Joshi, head of Iowa CBD trial at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospitals, and Steven Lukan of the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy. – Iowans working on Marijuana as Medicine



Faith & The Future: A Message of Hope. Feel lost, confused, depressed or lonely? Your local church and faith community can offer you a safe place. Bishop Michael Burk joins us.



Media Violence & Children. Could media violence be turning your child into a monster? Learn how to manage the dangers of violent video games, television and internet use before the damage is done.



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