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Surviving Bad

Watch our monthly TV series on wide-ranging topics such as the opioid epidemic, media literacy, substance abuse, and more.

Surviving Bad Episodes From 2019

January Addiction Can Take A Young Man Down. Two young Iowans have a lot to share about growing up, addiction and recovery. Find out how a long-term commitment to faith…

Surviving Bad Episodes from 2017

November Children at Risk – Human Trafficking in Iowa: You do not want to watch this. You do not want to hear the story. You don’t want to know how…

Surviving Bad Episodes from 2016

August Legal or illegal, drugs are the worst man-made epidemic in history. Get behind the scenes of substance abuse prevention when we connect the dots between alcohol, marijuana, pain medications…

Surviving Bad Episodes from 2015

November Loneliness, depression and dysfunction have special meanings over the holidays. The pressures of the holidays can be hard to handle. A little care, understanding, and love can be the…

Surviving Bad Episodes from 2014

August A Crisis Unfolds, Medicine vs. Addiction. Even Grandma can face a drug overdose. Two doctors talk about emergency rooms and the confusion about what drugs really do. Featuring guests…


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