In 2016, The Partnership’s President, Peter Komendowski, along with the Iowa National Guard Counter-Drug Program, the US Department of Justice Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa, and Iowa Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy Director Steve Lukan announced the start of the “Iowa Caring Communities Tour” series of community listening posts. The purpose of the listening posts is to hear directly from local citizens and community leaders about community concerns, needs and solutions related to illegal drug activity impacting Iowa youth.

Listening posts are open to the public, but in addition can accommodate private meetings in matters where discretion is advised.

“We invite Iowans to participate in the listening posts because we want to hear directly about emerging substance abuse concerns in their community, share that information to help others, and plan accordingly to address those concerns,”
said Lukan.

Information gathered at the listening posts will assist in defining Iowa priorities and shaping drug control strategies for public education, safety and health initiatives, as well as strengthen local community coalition efforts to prevent substance abuse.

“Listening post input will help the Partnership for a Drug Free Iowa provide more targeted drug education programs and prevention tools that better meet local needs.”

“It’s important for us to know about new or emerging challenges in our communities, and to share information important to understanding the dangers and risks associated with the recent surge in drug overdose deaths involving prescription, illicit and non-medical synthetic Opioids,”
said Komendowski.

Call to action for community partners to participate in the Iowa Caring Communities Tour

We invite you to help join us to strengthen community based capacity for prevention, interdiction and direct actions to minimize the threats and harms of substance abuse. We make this effort to better learn from Iowans, at the grassroots level, of pressing local concerns, needs and emerging threats related to substance abuse.

The Listening Post process involves up to several days of meetings with leaders in education, media, business, government, law enforcement, social services, the medical community, and faith-based organizations. The meetings include a public forum, the Town Hall. We offer a team consisting of the Director of the Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy, the President of The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa, the Department of Justice, and the Iowa National Guard’s Midwest Counterdrug Training Center.

The Partnership has identified a significant potential for increasing the capacity of substance abuse prevention efforts through community-based coalition building.
It is our hope that the Iowa Caring Community listening posts will inspire the kind of public/private partnership that is necessary to the effort of building and maintaining healthy communities. .

Communities interested in hosting a Caring Communities listening post should contact the President of The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa: or 319-269-8493.