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Youth Marijuana Use Higher in “Legal” States

Annual HHS Survey Finds Marijuana Use Higher in “Legal” States; Colorado Leads Nation For First Time Adolescent Pot Use Legal States Use Rates Nearly 45% Higher Than Other States; Alcohol Use Also Up in Colorado (Alexandria, VA) – More young people are trying marijuana for the first

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Study Reports Marijuana Programs Cost Taxpayers

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Teens + Marijuana

From Mayo Clinic: This video explains the effects that marijuana has on your brain. It shows the relationship between marijuana and brain chemicals and how this impacts alertness, mood, the munchies and more. This program includes a former marijuana user looking back at the impact of his

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Keep Iowa’s medical cannabis program within safe limits

This was originally published on Nov. 4, 2018 in the Des Moines Register. Story by Peter Komendowski. The marijuana industry is abusing the plight of ill Iowans to further the agenda of marijuana legalization. The big money in the marijuana business is not in cannabidiol (CBD), a

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The Daily Grind – September 17: Peter Komendowski & Cheryl Buntsma – Substance Abuse Seminar

Listen to Peter on the Siouxland Radio Show, The Daily Grind. Click the Play button below to hear it.  

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Iowans should trust science in marijuana debate

This article appeared on March 14, 206 in the Des Moines Register. You can read it here: Abandoning good science has unintended consequences for Iowa’s youth Iowans may be deceived by the controversy surrounding claims of marijuana’s miracle cures. This is not about possible medicines for

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