The threats our children face are more complex than ever. Between 7th and 12th grade, according to the Iowa Youth Survey, we see a dramatic negative shift in Iowa youths’ attitude toward drug use, access to dangerous substances, and engagement in high-risk behaviors. Our research shows the problem is concurrent with and correlates to increased media use and a lack of critical thinking skills necessary to manage a largely unregulated and often predatory social media landscape.

We have always provided our products and services to Iowa schools (public and faith-based), service organizations, and caring families at no charge. The monies we raise are fully invested in the development and delivery of our programs. We operate with a virtual office network, with shared resources from supporting businesses and government entities. Our network of in-kind supporters extends throughout Iowa.

To make all of this work at a level of capacity that will reach virtually 100% of Iowa youth, educators and caregivers we NEED your support! Find out more about our current supporters below and partner with us today.

Individual Supporters

Al and Ann Jennings Foundation
Bob and Dolores Wells
Jim and Catherine Erickson
Lauridsen Family Endowment

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