The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa

We started as a coalition of two initiatives in Iowa:  Partnership for  Drug-Free Iowa and the Face It Together Coalition. Over the years, we have made advances in the development and delivery of educational and outreach programs. We are realizing that high-risk behaviors among youth are not only related to substance abuse. We see alarming connections with media overuse, bullying, sexting, etc. To that end, our research and programs focus on digital literacy education, internet usage, and positive parenting/grandparenting, along with education on alcohol consumption, nicotine use, substance abuse, opioid addiction, and more. In fact, we are regarded as experts in youth high risk behavior by the media, speak to public and private organizations throughout Iowa, regularly visit communities throughout Iowa to help build local capacity for youth health improvement, and conduct regional meetings as part of our “Iowa Caring Communities Tour.”

As we have grown stronger as an organization, we have also changed, and today we are known simply as “The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa” where our website serves as the meeting place for our programs, partners and resources.

We welcome you to our home on the web, and invite you to explore our partners, programs and resources. Connect with us, talk to us, and join us in the effort to build a healthier Iowa.

Our Role

  • Improve critical thinking skills related to media interaction – cell phones, computers, television, music, gaming, videos, movies and streaming content. We target youth ages 8-18, thereby enhancing media use as an educational, productivity and communication tool, and reducing the negative outcomes of media interactions.
  • Increase the fundamental capacity for substance abuse prevention and high risk behavior reduction in Iowa. Through community outreach, education and communications efforts we build awareness and actions related to an improved base of critical thinking skills, focused on the prevention of substance abuse and high risk behaviors.

We have always provided our products and services to Iowa Schools, public and private, faith and service organizations, and caring families, at no charge. The monies we raise are fully invested in the development and delivery of our programs. We operate with a virtual office network, with shared resources from supporting businesses and government entities. Our network of in-kind supporters extends throughout Iowa.

Get Involved

We have a strong core of some of the most dedicated, and caring individuals you could ever meet. In fact, our success depends on their efforts. They are involved with some of the most vital elements of Iowa’s economy, representing the media, education, the faith-based community, government agencies, law enforcement, the judicial system, medical services, prevention, and business interests.

We are non-partisan. We are Iowans.

Please feel comfortable in examining us, our mission and our partners …explore ways in which we can help you, and think about how you can help us. Together we can help build a better Iowa.