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Watch this video to find out how Partnership@DrugFreeIowa and FIT became Partnership for a Healthy Iowa. Then look around and let us know what you think!

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Our Mission:

Connecting young Iowans, and those who care for them, with the resources they need to live free of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, substance abuse, and other high-risk behaviors.

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Want to learn more about who we are and how we came to be?

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We were founded in 1992…

The Partnership and Face-it-Together created task teams and visited every county in Iowa. These teams consisted of Iowa leaders in:

  • Education
  • Public Safety
  • Faith-based and Community Organizations
  • Business
  • Media
  • Medicine
  • Health Care

…and created…

…after thousands of hours of meetings, town halls, research reviews, testimonials, opinions, advice, and needs expressed by Iowans from every corner of Iowa…

The Blueprint for Healthy Communities!

Why a Blueprint?

Back in 1992, the most dangerous risks our children faced were drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. We knew these hurt children and families.

While we are a state that’s proud of being #1 in agriculture, we would be just as proud if our children could be #1 in education, health, and welfare.

When a farmer faces invasive risks, it becomes a number one priority to solve the problem. Today our children face a whole new crop of invasive risks, and The Partnership is working on solving those problems.

Today we face a new crop of risks:

high-risk behaviors

We See More Dangerous Trends Than Ever

Struggling Educational Achievement

Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drug Use

Increase in Youth Marijuana Use

Teen Suicide

Sexting and Pornography

We are focused on improving the health, welfare, and educational performance of Iowa youth.

We have been studying this problem for over 20
years and we have figured some things out.


Before we talk about what we know now, let’s talk about what we knew then and what we did about it.

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We knew the drug, alcohol, and tobacco problem would never go away.

But we could limit the damage and protect as many children as possible through effective prevention.

Great prevention results in “nothing bad happening.”

The better we do our job, the less bad things happen.



Since 1992, we have targeted drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention. During these years we worked with coalitions of prevention folks throughout Iowa, the Governor’s staff, public health, schools, service organizations, faith-based groups, health care, and businesses to


to all Iowans.

We’ve been getting the word out!

In over 20 years, the Partnership and Face-it-Together have leveraged millions of dollars in public service ads, community meetings, outreach, and research to get the word out when dangers invade our Iowa communities.


high-risk behaviors

We are working to protect our children from all

high-risk behaviors.

We still target drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, but we now know that there are many other high-risk behaviors we must manage.

we are investing in research and activities that will protect our children.

The world has changed…

…and so have The Partnership and Face-it-Together. We are now The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa.

We offer youth, parents, educators, faith leaders, employers… ALL Iowans access to the resources they need to raise healthy and safe children.

Most of our Funding is Private

  • We have functioned as a virtual office for over 10 years.
  • Many of our supporters give us shared office space when needed, loan us employees, help us with administrative tasks, etc.
  • You name it, our supporters come through for Iowa.

How do we do it?

  • A great Board of Directors that maintain task teams and collaborations on the leading edge of youth behavior and high-risk research.
  • Investors that believe in our mission.
  • Powerful joint efforts with our partners in Washington D.C, such as one of our founders Senator Grassley, the Iowa Office of Drug Control Policy, Iowa State University, Mayo Health Systems, the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, the Iowa National Guard, and dozens of others throughout our state.

99% of Partnership Income Goes Directly Into Programs, Outreach, Research, and Development


When it comes to raising the next generation of Iowa’s leaders, we know that children are the most important thing growing in Iowa.

We want to give them the best – so they can be the best – and live happy, healthy lives in safe communities.

The Partnership for a Healthy Iowa and Face-It-Together